Cornice Repair.

we pride ourselves on our reputation as plaster restoration and conservation experts and we are more than happy to offer you our cornice repair services.

Cornice Repair and Restoration

We pride ourselves on our reputation as plaster restoration and conservation experts and we are more than happy to offer you our cornice repair services.
We have many years of experience in repairing damaged cornices for a wide variety of striking architectural pieces, from some of the renowned hotels and art museums and embassies. Whether you are looking to restore the grandeur of ornate Victorian cornicing for a private listed building, or need to repair a cornice’s cracks during the renovation of a theatre or gallery, we can offer you the restored decorative plasterwork that will turn back the clock on damage and age alike to your property.

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Types of Cornice Repair

As established professionals in designing bespoke, decorative plaster cornicing and in restoring original features to properties, we know how to repair plaster cornices. We will use our finely-honed skills in Fibrous, Lime and Lath and Plaster techniques in order to conserve or even fully recreate your Art Deco, Victorian or Georgian cornicing.
Everything we do will be carried out to the standards that we not only expect, but that you deserve to have for your property. When you contact us to carry out plaster cornice repair for you, we will ensure that you receive the well-made and specifically crafted or repaired plasterwork that you have been expecting.

How we do it

At the point when we lead cornice repair work, we will join our endeavors with legacy specialists, modelers, advisors, inside originators, project supervisors, and private people. This guarantees that we can embrace every individual instance of inside or outside cornice repair to the norms that each task requires. We will offer you a free study also, evaluating your property with the goal that we will want to decide the best game-plan for reclamation. Our pre-owned strategy will be dictated by what we find on your property, yet will regularly be one of our stringy putting, lime putting, or strip and mortar work-based services.
We will repair harmed cornices nearby, where it is proper while recreating and supplanting seriously harmed or missing areas in our studios. You can likewise use our broad scope of mortar molds, to make new plans, in case this is the thing that you wish. Kindly reach out to us today and we will want to talk about what you might want, before exhibiting how we can help your property and arranged work. Our specialists will want to assist with giving you all that you need to rejuvenate even the most seasoned of your period property’s mortar cornices.

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