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Whether you need stucco installed or repaired, contact today for honest and reliable stucco service.

Long Lasting Stucco Work Guaranteed

With repairs and regular maintenance, you can make the stucco on your home last for years. If you have noticed moisture seeping through the walls has begun to damage the stucco—causing it to either crack or deteriorate, it is time that you contacted our team.

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Masonry ContractorsMasonry Contractors
Masonry Contractors

Stucco repairs and maintenance done correctly

Our stress-free guarantee means you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our team of interior painters will cover your floors, move and cover your furniture, fill any holes and cracks in the walls, help remove wallpaper, and repair any drywall or finish before getting started. This helps our painters guarantee that they are working with a smooth surface for premium results.
Our stucco service includes different textures and finishes. Some of our most popular type and finishes are:

Stucco Types:

Traditional Stucco
Synthetic Stucco/EIFS
Bedroom Painting

Stucco Finishes:

Cat Face
Spanish Lace
Santa Barbara
Smooth Texture
Lace And Skip
Masonry Contractors

Hire the Best Masonry Contractors for Your Project in NY

Masonry requires adequate strength and effort from experienced and well-trained contractors. Being one of the oldest forms of construction, masonry work must be handled by the professionals who are dedicated and knowledgeable enough to make your property lavishing and elegant. Masonry contractors at Proper Contracting NY have an extraordinary passion for adding style to your project.

Our company's professionals emphasize all masonry work, from stucco to brickwork and block work, to ensure quality services across New York, Jamaica, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Long Island. Being one of the most reliable companies with top-rated masonry contractors in NY, we always focus on creating long-lasting work to satisfy our customers.

What is Masonry Construction

Masonry construction is a building technique that involves the use of materials like concrete blocks, bricks, stones, cement, etc., which are used together with a mortar mixture. This is an old form of construction method practiced for centuries. People like to get quality masonry construction for its numerous advantages, including incredible durability, lasting aesthetics, and energy efficiency.

The most common materials used in masonry construction are stone, brick, and concrete blocks. Stone masonry offers a natural, aesthetic, and timeless look. On the other hand, brick masonry is famous for providing a classic appeal. Concrete block masonry is a cost-effective method and offers versatility.

With proper care and maintenance, masonry structures can withstand adverse weather conditions. So, these are the reasons why masonry construction projects are a preferred choice for residential or commercial buildings.

Things to Consider While Hiring Masonry Contractors

You should focus on the project's quality, which largely depends on the expertise, knowledge, and professionalism of the contractors you hire. Fortunately, our experienced team of masonry contractors has a proven track record in the industry. Our contractors always try to implement the best practices, techniques, and local building codes.
Check out why you should hire us.
● The first and foremost factor that you need to consider when it comes to masonry construction is the expertise and experience of the contractors. An experienced contractor can handle every issue with his existing skills and knowledge. He will undoubtedly address problems using different types of latest and advanced masonry materials and projects. You can check our previous projects and the specific expertise in the kind of masonry work we offer.
● Secondly, it is essential to consider whether the contractors have proper licenses and certifications. The excellent news is Proper Contracting NY is full of licensed and certified masonry contractors who strive to ensure that your project complies with local and state regulations. Our contractors pass a qualifying examination when it comes to masonry construction. Proving our knowledge and skill in the trade is our passion. We assure you that hiring us will be an added assurance of our competence and commitment to quality work.
● You must admit that masonry work is a challenging thing to do unless professionals do it. To avoid hazardous situations, you can count on us. Proper Contracting NY understands that damage can occur during construction work. But we take the liability if any accident or damage occurs due to us. To inform you, our contractors have the appropriate liability insurance compensation coverage for the workers that will protect you from any potential finance-related risks. Our bonded contractor team provides a reasonable guarantee that will offer a piece of confidence to the clients.
● If you still need clarification about our working process, we ask you to review some references and reviews. Checking reviews and references about a company is one of the most effective ways to understand a contractor’s reputation and working record. You can seek referrals from our previous clients. You can ask our contractor for references and contact them to ask about their satisfaction with our work performed for them. In addition, you can check our online reviews, clients’ testimonials, and ratings, which will help you to give valuable insights about our work ethics, craftsmanship, and professionalism.
● Last but not least, we provide attractive pricing for masonry projects. Before hiring us, you can obtain quotes from multiple contractors to compare pricing and services. It may or may not be the lowest bid from us, but we ensure that we emphasize the quality of the work. Sometimes, you should be concerned more about the contractors' experience, quality of work, and materials used than the project's pricing because a contractor who quotes the lowest might compromise the quality of work and use poor materials. Therefore, you should take time to carefully evaluate some factors before deciding to hire a masonry contractor.
Our Stucco/ Cement Work
With our services, including repairs, exceptional care, and regular maintenance, you can make the stucco on your home long-lasting. You should always call a contractor once you notice moisture seeping through your walls and damaging the stucco. Proper Contracting NY offers a stress-free guarantee for your stucco or cement work. You don’t need to worry a bit after hiring our contractors. Our professional contractors will cover your walls and floors; before that, they will move and cover the valuable essentials of your house and fill the holes and cracks noticeable in your walls.

Furthermore, the team will also remove wallpapers or other removable stuff. Repairing drywalls or giving an excellent finish to the walls before getting started is also one of our jobs. All these processes help the contractors to guarantee that we work with the finest and smoothest surface for top-notch results. Our stucco services are of different finishes and textures.

Stucco is a versatile and durable exterior wall finish used for centuries in different parts of the world. It is made from cement, lime, sand, and water. We apply stucco in multiple layers over a wire mesh. Besides, our stucco finish is available in different textures and colors. Let’s get introduced to the most common stucco types and finishes we offer.

Stucco Types

Traditional Stucco
Traditional stucco is an excellent exterior wall finish made from Portland cement, water, lime, and sand. We have been using this type of stucco for many years because it is extremely popular for its durability, versatility, and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. Moreover, this type of stucco has minimal maintenance requirements.

We apply traditional stucco in three coats-the brown coat, the finish coat, and the scratch coat. Each layer has its specific and unique purpose. We provide a strong base to create an excellent surface for the final texture. Another advantage of getting traditional stucco service is its breathability. It allows moisture to escape. Therefore, you can easily avoid damage from trapped water. We ensure proper installation and maintenance to avoid issues like delamination or cracking. Its classic appeal and strength make it an attractive choice for homeowners.
Synthetic Stucco
Synthetic stucco is also considered acrylic stucco. It is a modern alternative to its traditional counterpart. This stucco comprises acrylic resins mixed with sand, cement, and water. Like the traditional one, this one also creates a durable, flexible, and versatile exterior wall finish. Improved performance and aesthetics compared to traditional stucco are the reasons synthetic stucco has gained immense popularity in recent years.

One of the most notable advantages of synthetic stucco is its excellent adhesion and flexibility. It is less prone to cracking and damaging. Its accommodation of subtle building movements is another feature that enables it to be resistant to water filtration and reduce the likelihood of damage occurring by moisture. We apply synthetic stucco in very thin layers, that ultimately result in a more efficient application process.

Though synthetic stucco is usually more expensive than other stucco types, we provide the service at the most affordable rate. However, once synthetic stucco is installed, you must maintain it properly. It requires frequent maintenance, like cleaning and resealing, to retain its integrity and appearance. We have experienced professionals to install synthetic stucco to ensure high-quality performance and longevity. We recommend you install synthetic stucco installation service from us if you always choose an attractive option and seek a modern and flexible exterior wall finish.

Bedroom Painting
Painting stucco walls in a bedroom is a fantastic way to make your space refreshing and add your personal style. Stucco is a versatile, textured surface that you can install in your bedroom to create a unique look. To provide bedroom painting service, we start by removing furniture or other items from the bedroom to protect them from paint splatters. We cover all the surfaces you want to protect. Then, we start cleaning the stucco walls using a detergent solution after removing dust and debris using a soft brush.

Our contractors inspect everything very well to find out the cracks and damage. If they find any, they immediately repair them as needed. Then, we apply a high-quality acrylic primer to the walls to ensure even paint coverage and adhesion. You will have the option to select an acrylic latex paint in your desired color. We follow every step to paint your bedroom’s stucco walls successfully. We assure you that you will fall in love with the fresh and updated bedroom that reflects your style and taste.

Stucco Finishes

The dish finish features a rough, textured surface created by applying stucco in a dashed pattern. It provides a rustic and casual appearance. You can choose it if you like the architectural style.
Float or sand finish features a subtle texture with small grains. It is created by adding sand and applying the material using a float tool. You will get a classic look if you choose it.
Cat Face
The cat face finish features a combination of smooth and rough areas on the surface. It creates an interesting contrast. You can get it by the application of two layers of stucco. It has a base coat with a harsh texture and a topcoat with a smooth texture.
Spanish Lace
This finish is also known as the Mediterranean finish. It is featured with a unique pattern of irregular swirls and shapes created by the application of stucco.
Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara stucco finish will be ideal if you want a smooth, refined, and elegant appearance on your walls. This stucco finish is named after the Californian city where it is mainly used. To get this finish, we apply a thin layer of stucco and smoothen it with a trowel.
Smooth Textures
As the name suggests, you will get a smooth and sleek appearance if you choose smooth-textured finishes. You can get it by our application of multiple thin layers of stucco. We carefully smoothen them with a trowel. The smooth textures work well with contemporary and minimalist designs.
The worm or swirl finish is created by the application of stucco with a worm trowel or a notched trowel to create a pattern of wavy lines. If you choose this stucco finish, you will get your walls' unique and organic texture.
A rough and uneven texture characterizes the English stucco finish. It will complement your traditional English cottage. The finish will add visual interest to your exterior walls.
Lace and Skip
The lace and skip finish adds visual interest and depth to your walls. It is extremely popular for Mediterranean and Spanish-style houses.

Before You Go

When planning to get a masonry service from a company, it is essential to find the right contractors to ensure the longevity and success of your investment. You should take time to carefully evaluate some factors that will help you to make the right decision about hiring a masonry contractor.

Whatever masonry construction you want for your residential or commercial property, you must ensure your project is performed by skilled professionals with enough expertise to create beautiful structures with ultimate craftsmanship and precision. Only our knowledgeable masonry constructors can ensure the structural integrity and longevity of the building structures.

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