Allow natural light into your home
Skylights can provide natural light along with other benefits. tend to make rooms seem bigger by adding natural views and a feeling of openness.

Best Skylight Installation & Repair Service

Skylights tend to make rooms seem bigger by adding natural views and a feeling of openness. Most importantly, skylights and sun tunnels must be installed correctly or you risk water damage and drafts in your home. If you already have skylights or sun tunnels and they are in need of repair or replacement, we’re able to complete the job quickly and professionally.

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Skylight Repair Service

Our professionals can repair your damaged or leaking skylight. If you notice an issue with your skylights it’s important to have them inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

Skylight Replacement & Installation

If you’re looking to add a skylight to your home, we can help you find the perfect solution. We’re experts in home improvement and all of our skylight installations are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Fixed Skylight
Fixed skylights are very similar to ventilating skylights overall. The biggest difference is simply that they don’t provide ventilation. If you don’t necessarily need ventilation in the room where you want to add some lighting, then looking into a fixed skylight would be smart. There are those who prefer the fixed skylight option simply because these are perfect for installing in hard to reach areas.

If the ceilings in your home are quite high, then you could easily have one of these installed to provide some dramatic lighting. Being able to enjoy looking up at the night sky is going to feel really nice if you get one of these installed. They work well even on cathedral ceilings, so you will certainly be able to make use of a fixed skylight. The view will look great and the amount of light it will bring into the room is significant.

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