Precision Painting Plus promises to transform your interior home painting project from a vision into reality.

Professional Interior Painting Projects

No matter the type of room, surface, or size of the house, we are here to help. Before our painters start working, they will do a walkthrough to assess the health of your walls, ceilings, and doors and get ready for painting. We want to ensure that you’re choosing the perfect paint color for your room.

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Commercial Painting ContractorsCommercial Painting Contractors
Commercial Painting Contractors

Transform your interior space!

Our stress-free guarantee means you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our team of interior painters will cover your floors, move and cover your furniture, fill any holes and cracks in the walls, help remove wallpaper, and repair any drywall or finish before getting started. This helps our painters guarantee that they are working with a smooth surface for premium results.
Some of our most popular interior painting services include:
Apartment Painting
Bathroom Painting
Bedroom Painting
Cabinet Painting
Kitchen Painting
Living Room Painting
Basement Painting
Ceiling Painting
Dining Room Painting
Hallway Painting
Interior Door Painting
Commercial Painting Contractors

Best Commercial Painting Contractors in New York City

We, the professionals of Proper Contracting NY, are the best residential and commercial painting contractors in New York City, dedicated to offering all the painting services you need for your home or business office. Ours has a team of experienced and skilled professionals who use advanced technological equipment according to the customers' needs. Our company's trained commercial painting contractors have gained immense popularity and trust from our customers as we get them covered with outstanding painting results.

We don't stop thinking there is nothing more to learn as we have all the necessary painting training. We keep striving to improve more and more to come up with new and exciting services for our beloved customers. One of our mottos is informing our customers with a wide range of information to remove their confusion regarding our service. Check out everything you need about our commercial painting contractors and their services.

Reasons You Should Hire Our Commercial Painting Contractors

We believe only a few fine commercial painting contractors are available in the nearest city like us when it comes to providing necessary details and incorporating crystal clear communication with the clients. The clients have enough space to clear out their confusion regarding our project. We keep communicating with the clients throughout the project to ensure everything goes according to their requirements and preferences.
Our clients are also free to address any issues they find in our work. The commercial painting contractor of our company is obliged to fix the problems addressed in no time. This company's strong team of licensed and fully insured contractors will always satisfy you.

You will undoubtedly enjoy our thorough process that perfectly prepares your residential or commercial space to protect your essentials. After getting the painting job done, our commercial painting contractors will clean up the floors, walls, or other things and ensure everything is completely the same as before we started our project. Last but not least, our high-quality and environmentally friendly paints give your walls the smoothest finish that you will need to come back to us again and again.
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Transform Your Interior with the Services of our Commercial Painting Contractors

We understand that your living and commercial spaces are precious to you. You must not want any cracks or holes in your walls. However, what if your residential or commercial space becomes so old that it needs refurbishing? Our commercial painting contractors use advanced equipment while painting that helps significantly to cover the dullness of your walls. No matter the type of surface, room, or size of your space, the commercial painting contractors of Proper Contracting NY are here to assist you.

The best thing is that you don't need to take the stress of moving or covering your furniture or floor before painting your walls. The commercial painting contractors of Proper Contracting NY assist in moving and covering your properties, removing wallpapers and mats, filling up the cracks and holes in the walls, and repairing the drywalls. So, there is hardly any risk of damaging your essentials with unwanted paint drops.

Our commercial painting contractors take all the necessary steps before starting the projects. Therefore, the customers get the best outcome. The smoother surfaces you will get after the painting are unmatchable to the services from the contractors of other companies. Furthermore, they will perform a walk-through to assess and evaluate the after-result. If they point out any issues to be addressed and fixed, they are ready to invest double or triple efforts to complete the job. They will ensure you get the perfect painting services for your valuable space.

Our Popular Painting Services

There is nothing to worry about decorating your interior space when commercial painting contractors of Proper Contracting NY are here to serve you anytime. This company's expert team of commercial painting contractors guarantees stress-free experiences for the customers.
Here is the list of our most popular painting services to offer to our customers:

1. Bedroom Painting

The bedroom is probably the dearest space for a comfortable and relaxing time. The bedroom shouldn't have anything that harms your bliss and relaxation moments. A dull paint on your bedroom wall might make you feel bad about your bedroom. Therefore, you should take help from the commercial painting contractors of Proper Contracting NY. We offer the best painting services to give your bedroom a dreamy look.

2. Bathroom painting

Our commercial painting contractors also equally focus on improving the look of your bathroom. Choosing the proper bathroom paint is essential; our professional contractors know it very well firsthand. The bathroom is the only space with the risk of being damaged more than the other spaces of your house because it is exposed to moisture and used daily by all the family members.

Even in a commercial setting, a single bathroom is used by many people. When you are looking for bathroom painting services, the team of our commercial painting contractors will be the best pick. There are many things to consider while getting services from painting contractors for bathroom painting. The good news is that we provide the most affordable bathroom painting to satisfy our clients.

3. Apartment Painting

The first impression is the last impression. So, you must focus on creating a positive impression in people's minds about the outside of your apartment, which is the first thing people see before entering your house. Our new exterior paint can change the total look of your apartment to a great extent. The finest coat of paint doesn't only look good to people, but it also boosts up your house's durability. In addition, the right selection of paint can enhance your curb appeal.

Getting your apartment painted simply according to your preference is no more a worrying fact for you, as Proper Contracting NY company is here to help. Our commercial painting contractors will help you to choose from a wide selection of apartment painting services. Therefore, you can easily set up your home just as you want. Our painters ensure that you are getting the best impressions about your apartment

4. Cabinet Painting

Whether you have an apartment or a commercial office, you most likely have cabinets to keep your essentials safe and secure. Your cabinets must be your precious furniture that should always look fresh to contribute to your space's total outlook. Here we are to give your cabinets the finest appearance with lucrative colors.

5. Living Room Painting

The living room is the most important room of your house because your guests rest after entering your home. It is undoubtedly the heart of your house used for gathering, gossiping, and chilling. A dull living room never looks welcoming to people. Therefore, you should call our commercial painting contractors to get a new pop of color in your living room and bring a fish character to your house.

6. Kitchen Painting

As a house owner, you shouldn't leave out thinking about refurbishing your kitchen space. Whether housewives or corporate business employees, we all need to spend a significant amount of time a day in the kitchen to cook meals for our families. Cooking for hours is not a pleasing activity to some people. However, a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen can make a huge difference in your interest in cooking. Furthermore, being one of the most precious spaces in our house, we create precious memories in the kitchen. The commercial painting contractors of Proper Contracting NY are dedicated to giving the finest face to your kitchen.

7. Basement Painting

The basement of our house is usually the darkest space. However, you can brighten up your gloomy basement with a fresh coat of paint from our professional commercial painting contractors. Paint basements with ceiling joists or exposed ductwork are challenging, but our experts get every project done perfectly, no matter how complicated.

With years of experience, proper equipment, and expertise, we can determine the best coating of paint and ensure durability. If you want to get your basement painted, hire commercial painting contractors from Proper Contracting NY. We will take care of everything your interior painting needs.

8. Dining Room Painting

You must want an attractive dining room to celebrate birthdays or holidays. Apart from any celebration, the dining room is the space that family members and guests use for having meals and gossiping. Therefore, giving the dining room a fresh coating of paint is necessary. We will assuredly start with a color consolation to allow you to select the perfect shade of paint and finish. Then, we will prepare the working area by removing your furniture and wall decorations. Our commercial painting contractors will help you find the most accurate color for your dining room to enhance your excitement for arranging a family gathering or the next dinner party.

9. Ceiling Painting

If you need ceiling painting services in New York, we are here to take care of all your needs right away. Painting a ceiling is a complicated task that requires thorough attention and patience. Hiring our commercial painting contractors will be the best option if you have limited energy and time. Our professionals are fabulous at providing excellent painting jobs and creating a smooth finish. In addition, we use high-quality paints that will sustain for a long time on your ceiling. Therefore, you can avoid investing money in unnecessary repairs and retouching. Hiring our professional ceiling painters will be the wisest decision to get a superior outcome.

10. Hallway Painting

Hallways are the key traffic corridors that may show where in tear before your house's other walls. When it comes to getting a fresh coat of paint, the commercial painting contractors of Proper Contracting NY can help. Though choosing neutral colors is usually recommended for stairways and hallways, we ask our clients if they want anything different. Depending on their requirements, we help them to choose the best paint for their hallways. We use high-quality glossy paints so that the walls of hallways can reflect light and become easy to clean. Our professionals will take care of the whole painting procedure from beginning to end. Once we are finished with the painting, we clean up the working area.

11. Interior Door Painting

You would be surprised to imagine how the color of the interior door of your house can create a special feeling in your mind. An excellent interior door painting can change your overall feeling of a space. The commercial painting contractors of the Proper Contracting NY team are here to help you choose the color for your interior door to create a good mood. We recommend investing in a skilled team of painters no matter how much it takes because a fresh coat of paint gives you refreshment and a better feeling for a long time.

We understand that finding reliable commercial painting contractors in New York City is tricky. However, no matter how complicated a painting task you present, we have vast expertise and quality equipment to serve you the best. Proper Contracting NY is the company you invest your trust in, as its professionals have years of experience in painting services. You can count the commercial painting contractors of this company without a second thought.

It is guaranteed that by hiring commercial painting contractors from this company, you will get something above general painting work. The contractors' dedication to learn and apply the best techniques while conducting their services is why they hold a strong position in New York City. When your project needs the utmost precision, you must hire the most skilled commercial painting contractors with many years of experience helping homeowners and commercial property owners.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the services from our commercial painting contractors nearby your locality and enjoy the best customer service experiences. You are highly welcome to count on us for any kind of painting needs.

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