August 13, 2023

The best Steam Cleaning Services in NYC

Steam Cleaning

Vapor steam cleaners are quickly becoming the cleaning tool of choice for a significant number of people who suffer from allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities. Here are the top seven reasons to steam clean. It becomes a little bit easier to understand why steam cleaning is the simpler, healthier, and in the long run, more cost-effective choice when you compare it to the traditional methods of cleaning (chemical cleaners), while also keeping in mind the reason WHY you clean.

  1. Cleaning Without the Use of Chemicals for steam cleaning

Steam Cleaners That Can Be TrustedBecause the only components necessary for steam cleaning are water and heat, sanitizing your home has never been easier or friendlier to the environment. Steam cleaning only requires water and heat. If you clean your countertop with chemicals, does it make sense to prepare food on that same surface? The elimination of chemical residue in your home, which steam cleaners help to accomplish, makes your home a safer place overall, and this is especially important for the well-being of your children and pets, who spend the majority of their time there. In addition, steam cleaners, such as those manufactured by Ladybug Steam Cleaners, contribute to the preservation of the natural environment by lowering the number of chemicals that are flushed down the toilet and subsequently reintroduced into the water supply.

  1. A Completely Unprecedented Degree of cleaning for steam cleaning

The results of steam cleaning with Handheld Steam Cleaners or Steam Mops far surpass those of conventional cleaning methods that involve the use of hazardous chemicals and solvents. However, you will still need to put in some effort when cleaning with steam. As a result of steam's ability to sanitize and deodorize surfaces using only heat and moisture, debris can be removed thoroughly, swiftly, and easily without the utilization of any chemicals. Attachments are available that can clean every room in your house, from the bathrooms to the basements, as well as large surface areas such as tile floors and countertops, carpeting, upholstery, and even barbecue grills. These attachments can also clean large surface areas like tile floors and countertops. You will finally have to clean up things that you have neglected for a very long time.

Steam Cleaning

  1. Reduce the amount of money you spend on cleaning supplies for steam cleaning

Reduce the amount of money you spend on cleaning supplies. You won't ever have to choose between a lemon scent or a pine scent again! You won't ever have to buy a tile blaster, floor polisher, oven cleaner, or glass sparkler again. Even the guy with the bald head and the white t-shirt, who we'll refer to as Mr. Clean for those who don't get the reference, can be removed. You won't need those sweaty rubber gloves anymore to protect your hands from solvents, so you can throw those away. When you have a steam cleaner in your home, such as a Vapamore or a Reliable, you have access to an exceptional cleaning and sanitizing tool that can be used to address a variety of cleaning needs throughout your home. What exactly are your plans for the additional funds and the additional space?

  1. Locate and eliminate the most devious and nefarious of Criminals for steam cleaning.

Steam Cleaners are Effective in the Elimination of Mold and VirusesIt is possible that mold, bacteria, and viruses will not be detectable. Even so, they have the potential to be some of the most dangerous pathogens that can be found in your house. They are even capable of causing irritations, allergic reactions, and infections in some people. When you use a steam cleaner, such as a Canister Steam Cleaner or Steam Mop, tiny hot vapor molecules penetrate the surfaces you are cleaning. These molecules then expand, which forces any dirt, debris, and bacteria to be forced out of the surface. Furthermore, due to the high temperature at which vapor molecules exist, they are able to remove pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella from surfaces and then kill them. Farewell, you nasty, contagious foes!

  1. Kill & Control Allergens like Dust Mites for steam cleaning

It seems as though the sun just appeared out of nowhere, and as it shines, there are "things" floating around in the beams of light. Inside of your house, many of these microscopic "things" that are airborne serve as potent allergen triggers. It's even possible that they're the waste material left behind by dust mites, our own dead skin cells, or various pollen spores. Pollen is the most common allergen, but dust mites are the second most common cause of allergic reactions. Steam cleaning, which can be done with handheld steam cleaners, steam mops, and canister steam cleaners, offers a number of benefits, one of which is the permanent removal of microscopic allergens that can cause sneezing. Asthma, a condition that is becoming more common in children, can be caused by certain allergic reactions. However, studies have shown that if allergens are avoided beginning in early childhood, it is possible to prevent the development of asthma. The use of a steam cleaner is an excellent method that can be utilized to maintain everyone's health in the home. It can make a world of difference if you get rid of these allergens from your mattresses, pillows, and upholstered furniture!

  1. Toys and Children

Cleaning Toys with Steam for ChildrenA squeaky clean, odor-free, and chemical-free baby sanctuary can be achieved with the assistance of a handheld steam cleaner, which can help transform a nursery that is full of germs and odors. Germs love to thrive in toys, particularly those that kids pass around while they're having fun together. They are extremely effective at luring a wide variety of bodily fluids to themselves. After a play date where there were coughs and runny noses, a steam cleaner will eliminate any lingering guests that may have been left behind.

  1. A Pet Lover's New Best Friend

Fleas can be eradicated through the use of a steam cleaner.It is not necessary for your home to have the odor of a pet simply because you have a pet in it. Your dog's unpleasant odors can be neutralized with the assistance of a steam mop or a canister steam cleaner. They are even able to sanitize surfaces such as birdcages and aquariums, in addition to sprucing up the area around the litter box, which means you won't have to hold your breath as you walk by. Fleas, their eggs, and the larvae that hatch from them are all eliminated by the intense heat. In addition, steam cleaners eliminate these tenacious pests in a risk-free manner without the application of harsh or poisonous chemicals.

Dust Mites: It's True That What You Can't See Can Hurt You Steam cleaning is an effective method for removing dust mites. Dust mites, which are the irritating cousins of the tick and the spider, make their homes in the carpets, mattresses, upholstery, quilts, pillows, and stuffed animals in your home. Dust mites can also be found on ticks and spiders. Dust mites are small parasites that live in warm, humid environments and feed on the tiny flakes of dead skin that animals and humans shed over time. After that, these creatures leave behind their waste, which is a significant allergen and a trigger for asthma in many people. Here is some basic arithmetic for you to consider: Each dust mite can produce up to 20 droppings per day, and the typical bed is home to millions of dust mites. Dust mite droppings can be a source of allergens. A significant number of people spend an average of eight hours per day in bed. This indicates that you are lying next to a substantial amount of dust mite debris, which can trigger allergic reactions and make you feel as if you haven't been in bed for the previous eight hours.

These allergen-causing insects can be eradicated with the help of steam cleaners such as the Reliable Pronto 200CS. Steam will eradicate dust mite colonies that have established themselves in your mattresses and carpets in the same way that it eradicates fleas. Regular steam cleaning at home, followed by vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum to pick up allergenic debris, will make a significant difference in the air quality of your home and, more importantly, in the health of your family.

steam cleaning

Questions Regarding the Steam Cleaning

Why should I use a steam cleaner rather than my regular cleaning supplies instead of the usual ones?

Cleaning with steam is better for the health of the whole family.  Let's compare the use of products for the care of infant skin to the use of cleaners that contain solvents around the house. When it comes to the health of babies and young children, the golden rule is to never put anything on a baby's skin that the baby shouldn't also put in their mouth. Now, take that idea and think about how your body comes into contact with chemicals that you use on surfaces throughout your home. For example, the furniture polish that is left behind on the dining room table, the floor cleaner residue that attaches itself to bare feet, and the ammonia that is used all throughout the bathroom. Would you rather come into contact with these hazardous chemicals or the one and only thing that is required for a steam cleaner to function properly?

 Which is distilled water for a steam cleaner?

If the thought of keeping your family free from chemicals is not enough to convince you of the benefits of steam cleaning, consider how much shorter your grocery list will be as a result. After making the initial purchase of a steam cleaner, you will no longer need to purchase any of the dozens or even hundreds of cleaning products that are currently stocked on the shelves of your laundry room or that are stored beneath your kitchen sink. Because you won't have a need for cleaning supplies anymore, you won't have to waste time standing motionless in the cleaning section of the store, trying to guess which of the "New and Improved" products will do the best job. No floor cleaners, no creams, and no powders of any kind.

Using steam is not only good for your health but also for the environment. The majority of the time, the chemicals that are contained in cleaning products are washed down the drain. This includes things like the large bucket of dirty water that has been mixed with floor cleaner, as well as the blue substance that swishes around in your toilet. Where do you think they will finally wind up? Some of them are hormone disruptors that don't biodegrade, and they end up in a variety of different places, including our water supply. This places waterways and the wildlife that relies on these areas for sustenance in danger. Some of these chemicals don't biodegrade. Environmentalists estimate that the cleaning products used in a typical household are responsible for approximately 8% of the total non-vehicular emissions of organic compounds. These compounds not only pollute the air but also cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and lungs in addition to rashes, headaches, nausea, asthma, and in some cases, cancer.

Your steam cleaner can restore dirty tile and grout, remove baked-on grease from ovens or barbecue grills, and reach grimy, out-of-the-way areas that the vast majority of people would rather not even consider.

How exactly does using pressurized steam in one's regular cleaning routine work?

When steam is pressed onto a surface, extremely small vapor molecules are able to enter the surface's pores. The molecules of the vapor expand rapidly and forcefully, which forces out any dirt, grease, detergents, bacteria, and essentially any other particles that do not naturally belong on the surface. A further advantage is that the high temperature of the vapor molecules, which eliminates bacteria and other infectious agents such as mold, fleas, flea eggs, and dust mites, is an added bonus. A surface that is sanitized, deodorized, and hypoallergenic is the end result of this process. If you do a good job cleaning, it will also mean that you won't have to put in as much effort the next time you do it.

It seems like steam cleaners are complex pieces of equipment. Are they simple to put into use?

Once you have the fundamentals down, operating a steam cleaner is just as simple as operating a vacuum cleaner, thanks to how user-friendly they are. The operation of steam cleaners is as follows: You will fill the stainless steel boiler tank or the cold water reservoir with water from the faucet. The water in the boiler is pressurized and heated for six to twelve minutes (depending on the model), until it reaches a temperature of more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit and the right pressure to create pure, "dry" steam. This is accomplished by turning a dial. During this brief start-up time, you will have the opportunity to connect to the main hose the combination of attachments that will allow you to perform the cleaning tasks at hand with the greatest amount of efficiency. Just like a vacuum!

Attachments and brushes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes are available for use with each and every model. You can quickly find the ideal combination of attachments for your particular cleaning requirements with the help of our Accessory Guide, which is available to you right now. Because the minerals that are found in water can build up inside of the boiler system of a steam cleaner over time, you will eventually need to descale the majority of steam cleaners at some point. A simple solution of water and vinegar can be used to descale your steam cleaner; first, flush the system with this solution, and then follow up with a second flush using only clean water. The method is analogous to the way in which you would clean your coffee maker if you used hard water. After this point, there is very little upkeep that is necessary.

How many different types of surfaces can a premium steam cleaner clean?

A steam cleaner can be used to clean almost everything you have in your house. (Never use a steam cleaner on paper products or on hardwood floors that have not been sealed!) The following is a list of surfaces that CAN be cleaned using steam rather than harsh chemicals:

  • Tile floors
  • Sanded and varnished hardwood floors
  • Laminate flooring
  • Linoleum is used for grouting ovens and stove tops
  • Windows
  • mirrors, pet areas, carpets
  • work-out rooms
  • barbecue grills sink
  • bathtubs
  • shower pans and floors
  • fridges
  • freezers
  • bowls used in toilets
  • Toys for young children
  • animals made of stuffing
  • mattresses
  • blinds that are not made of fabric
  • rims of automobile wheels
  • upholstery radiators
  • car interiors
  • pillows comforters

How many uses will I get out of my steam cleaner?

The vast majority of high-quality steam cleaners are not disposable cleaning tools because they are made with only the highest quality materials and are designed to last for many years. Some of the units have aluminum water tanks, which have a propensity to oxidize, putting the tank's structural integrity at risk. Therefore, you should look for models that have tanks made of stainless steel, as these tanks are less likely to weaken or pit over time. Warranties on steam cleaners can range from as little as one or two years to as much as eight years for certain models.

Carpet Cleaning 

Carpet Cleaning NYC: We'll Make Your Carpet Look New Again! Emergency Service Available Around the Clock

Steam cleaning in New York City for homes and businesses, provided by your neighborhood carpet cleaners.

As a result of the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, NYC Steam Cleaning is now providing emergency disinfection services around the clock, for both commercial and residential clients. We use Electrostatic Sprayer equipment that is at the cutting edge of technology as well as an effective disinfectant cleaner that is effective against coronaviruses as well as the majority of other viruses and bacteria.

EXPERIENCE, VALUE, 100% GUARANTEE for Carpet Cleaning

When NYC Steam Cleaning first opened its doors, the company's founders had one objective in mind: to provide residents of the Tri-State Area with access to high-caliber, professional carpet cleaning services. Steam cleaning, cleaning of upholstered furniture, cleaning of carpets and rugs, cleaning of wood floors, and repair of water damage are just some of the many carpet cleaning services that our team is able to provide for commercial and residential customers alike. If you are not completely satisfied with the service that we provide for you, we will come back at no additional cost to you and without any obligation to do so in order to address any areas that you believe require additional attention. Our 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee covers all of your concerns.

Emergency carpet cleaning and restoration services are offered around the clock in New York City; call us right away! If your home or place of business has ever been damaged by fire, smoke, wind, water, or mold, you are probably already aware of how overwhelming the process of cleaning up the damage can be. We have extensive experience in disaster cleanup after unexpected emergencies caused by things such as broken pipes, overflowing toilets, and a whole host of other unforeseen mishaps. While our accomplished technicians and craftspeople will approach the carpet cleaning and restoration process with the utmost care, our prior experience working with insurance companies will assist you in navigating the claims process and guide you through it step-by-step.

Innovative Methods and Equipment for Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can be professionally cleaned by NYC Steam Cleaning, which provides services that are both commercial and residential. Our eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and budget-friendly carpet cleaning services are available throughout the New York area. Both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control have validated the quality of our offerings as safe and effective.

Carpet Cleaning That Is Friendly to the Environment By Trained and Experienced Carpet Cleaners

Conventional cleaning service providers use products that contain harsh chemicals that, after prolonged exposure, can be harmful to both people and the environment. These chemicals can also be harmful to animals. At NYC Steam Cleaning, we only use organic cleaners that are safe for the environment. The cleaning products that we use do not emit any toxic fumes, which would be harmful not only to your body but also to your home or workplace. Working with us ensures that you will receive environmentally friendly services.

Friendly to People with Asthma and Allergies

Only cleaning products that have been given the all-clear by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America are used by our company. Our services won't make it worse for allergy sufferers, so don't worry if you have people in your family or workforce who are prone to allergic reactions.

Services for Cleaning Carpets in Commercial and Residential Locations

We at NYC Steam Cleaning are aware that there are additional services that you require in addition to carpet cleaning. In addition to this, you need to safeguard your financial investment by extending the useful lives of your carpet and upholstery. Our long-term strategy for protecting carpets is helpful, and it includes the following options that are designed to your company's advantage. In addition, we offer high-quality cleaning services for area rugs, including Oriental, Persian, Kilim, Karstan, and any other type of rug.

Cleaning of the Carpets Every So Often

Every place of business has areas that get a lot of foot traffic and end up with the most dirt. Because of this, we provide a service that cleans carpets on an interim basis. By focusing on these areas, we will be able to improve the protection that your carpet receives, increase the length of time it will last, and make the routine cleaning of your carpet both quicker and simpler. Another excellent reason to give our NYC commercial carpet cleaning service a shot is that it requires significantly less effort and time than a comprehensive cleaning would.

Carpet Deodorizer

You have arrived at the right location in New York City if you are searching for a highly professional commercial carpet cleaning service. Our professional-strength carpet cleaning deodorizers eliminate odors at their source, which allows them to be neutralized more effectively. Encapsulating agents of a powerful nature put in a lot of effort to provide immediate relief from odor. You will be able to rely on the crisp and clean aroma that you receive.

Protection for the Carpet

After the carpet cleaning is finished, we can apply a carpet protector that is of professional strength. This protector coats the carpet, furniture, and partitions in your home to make them more resistant to stains, dirt, and general wear and tear. Our carpet protection is completely harmless to humans, animals, and the environment; it works by forming a barrier around the fibers of the carpet, making it more difficult for dirt to get inside. Your carpet will have a longer lifespan thanks to the protector, which also eliminates any unpleasant odors and keeps it cleaner for a longer period of time. The best part is that the additional carpet protection buys you some extra time to clean up any accidents that may occur. Additionally, it prevents the annoying accumulation of static charge.

Carpet Cleaning on Individual Areas Cleaning with Steam

When unsightly spots appear on the skin, they require a little bit of additional attention. Our spot carpet cleaning solution is gentle but effective, and it works well on most types of carpet and upholstery without causing the carpet protection to become compromised. The solution does not contain any optical brighteners, so it is safe for use around pets. However, it does an excellent job of preventing any spots from developing into full-fledged stains. You can rely on the company that has established itself as the uncontested leader in commercial carpet cleaning. Make the call to NYC Steam Cleaning right away!

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaning

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